UPDATE: March 2017

What's up?

Any Projects?

No gigs as of now, but auditions are starting to pick up! Cannot wait to see where this year takes me! I also have just finished writing, producing, and acting in a web series called "The Four of Us" with a few friends - once it is edited, I will surely post the links here!

Who Am I?




I have accepted a full-time teaching position at the martial arts school that I work at - can't wait to be doing what I love as a "side gig" full time! It will also help me be more active on a daily basis - something I am very excited about!! :)

Hey there! My name is Keith Vartanian, I am a 23 year old actor and musician living in NYC, born and raised outside of Boston, MA. I act, sing, play guitar, practice and teachmartial arts, and you'd honestly have to tear me off a baseball field.